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Links for 06-22-17

Does the Fed Have a Financial Stability Mandate?

Rodrik: Doing (and Teaching) Economics [Video]

Cronycare lives on: McConnell, Senate GOP, want to keep the Obamacare insurance company subsidies

Big Blow to the anti-Trumpers, Ossoff loses, GOP 4 for 4 in special elections

Pentagon wasted $28 million on uniforms for Afghan soldiers, report says

How the Democrats Lost Their Way on Immigration (OR: How the Dems sold out the American working class for votes and favor from corporations)

Fed official in effect says that competition and lower prices for consumers are bad for the economy and must be offset by Fed policy!

No Country For Poor People

Links for 06-21-17

THE CASE FOR OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICEObstruction of justice was...

Don’t kid yourself. The cult doesn’t serve you. You serve the cult.

How meanness and zigzaggery jeopardize your lifestyle

Don’t Bail Out Failing States Like Illinois

Breaking the monopoly on money

As Amazon purchases Whole Foods, don’t fear for the cashier. Fear for the supermarket (Actually don’t fear.)

The Dow has rallied 3000 POINTS since Donald Trump was elected, Media silent

(Salon is a digital rag – From 2013) Hugo Chavez’s economic miracle

Are Central Banks Getting Ready to Crash the System Again?

The US War on Drugs started 46 years ago today. Some commentary from Milton Friedman on that failed and shameful war

Unions in Decline: Some International Comparisons

The 10 Planks of the Communist Manifesto... posted by R.E. Sutherland, M.Ed.

New Evidence for a Lower New Normal in Interest Rates

Links for 06-20-17

Taking the wrong path won’t get you to the right destination

The AI problem. Do you have the solution? The most powerful machine humans ever have created

(ACC VIDEO) Supreme Court rules in favor of free speech, against political correctess

The 2016 electorate, social issues, economic issues. Who voted for whom? (Graph)

VIDEO: Former CNN reporter Amber Lyon explains CNN bias and funding sources (Alleges Bahrain is paying CNN to air propaganda)

Tennessee inmates threatened with solitary confinement if scabies outbreak mentioned

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